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Hasan Selvi has vastly more experience than salon stylists. He has often worked in different locations, built up clienteles many times over and train constantly to keep up to date. Becoming hairdresser, like most other careers, involves an even balance between education and experience. This section is a summary of the qualifications and worked experience of Hasan Selvi which he has attained over his career.


Ministiry of National Education

  • Hairdresser Women-Men Hygiene Training
  • Hairdresser Mastery Certificate

Menderes Bayir

  • Male Hair Styles
  • Anatomical Hair Cutting Training
  • Customer Relations

Kuatto Academy//Hair Academy

  • Anatomical Hair Cut

Hair Academy//Sensitive Hotel Seminar

  • Hair Cut
  • Hair Simulation
  • Tricology and Coloting
  • Skin Care


  • Head and Face Shape
  • Hair Growth Patterns
  • Tools Used for Cutting Hair
  • Client Consultation
  • Preparation of Hair & Scalp
  • Stimulating Scalp Massage & Contra Indications of Scalp Massage
  • 7 Section Parting
  • Cutting Techniques
  • One Length
  • Cutting Mens Hair Step By Step
  • Long Fade
  • Short Fade
  • Beard Trims / Designs
  • Scissors Over Comb
  • Vertical Roll
  • French Plait
  • Half Up Half Down Updo
  • Application of Hair Ornaments


  • Gizem Hairdresser Saloon
  • Enes Hairdresser/Barber Saloon
  • Star Barber Saloon
  • Sayanora Hairdresser